Ricardo Lowenberg (B. 1960)

Ricardo Lowenberg is a celebrated Mexican artist & sculptor, called to the artistic process by an innate drive to express the emotions and essence of the human condition. Leaping between mediums, Lowenberg paints both abstract and figurative works, and sculpts voluminous forms that explore the trajectory of emotions beginning with their interiority and culminating with their visual expression.

Guided by the phantasms of the Mexican Muralists and the French Impressionists, the Artist creates allegories and stunning portraiture, resplendent with the ecstasies of both the human and natural world and bursting with color and energy.

Lowenberg’s decades-long search for perfection in Artistry has resulted in magnificent proficiency in different mediums, and the works are housed in Museum Collections, the Finest Galleries and important Private Collections.

Sophisticated. Dreamlike. Symbolic. Textural.